Price Global are a diversity & inclusion training and consultancy service helping businesses and their people achieve their best results by bringing their best selves to work. We have specialists in Japan, APAC and the U.S.

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Services include:

Inclusion Theatre
Unconscious Bias
Inclusive Leadership
Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarking and Consulting
Cultural Intelligence
Gender Equity and Leadership Development for Women
Mental Wellness
Unconscious Bias E-Learning
Harassment Prevention

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Upcoming Events

This Can Happen

The This Can Happen Conference is a global conference on mental health with content for the UK & Europe, Asia, and the US. Suzanne will speak alongside others from a wide variety of businesses with a focus on peer-to-peer learning. Her talk and the conference's overall solutions-led agenda will address critical issues that affect workplace mental health every day.

The 2020 conference will be fully remote and accessible worldwide.

When: November 23-25, 2020
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