Managing Overtime Workshop

Two coworkers leaving the office

Overtime and overwork are persistent problems at companies around the world that can negatively impact the health of individuals and teams as well as the reputation, long-term productivity and efficiency of companies. Given the reasons for overtime and overwork are complex and variable, as well as linked to both the culture of a company and the nature of its work, tailored solutions are needed to understand and support each worker and the working environment. Price Global offers a managing overtime workshop developed for our clients in Japan and designed to partner with people managers in support of real culture change in line with Japan’s new policies and law. The workshop includes:

  • Understand the new Labour Standards Laws in Japan for overtime
  • Review an organisation’s new policies and expectations for managing overtime
  • Understand the risks of excessive overtime to individuals, teams and the company
  • Recognise and manage systematic causes behind excessive overtime, such as workload delegation and expectations
  • Recognise and intervene in individual behaviours related to excessive overtime, such as signs of struggling with workload and a lack of ability to “turn off” and rest from work
  • Cultivate a healthy and productive working environment

The workshop is adaptable to any country on request.

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